“Elconde”, a Panamanian artist from Génerou Rbano, a resident from 7 years old in New York (USA).

Participate in 2001 in the component of the bachata and merengue group "911" (musical emergency) which were positioned on Latin billboard charts, under the label "Prestige" and distribution "Sony".

His first single called "what is happening" came to have the # 19 position on the billboard in New York City selling in total more than 60,000 thousand copies of which 30,000 were sold in Puerto Rico where the group had a big success. The group dissolves in 2005.

Samy would return years later in 2009 to the music scene under the artistic name "elconde" and returns to work with producer John Kano of Havana Funk, performing a ft. With the American artist “Selma Davis” of the song “move your chips”.

In 2017, the count made his first tour of media and concerts in Spain, presenting himself on the most important television and one of the most popular television programs in the country, "Salvame Deluxe". He made numerous radio interviews highlighting, the one of the most important station of the urban genre of the country “crazy Latin fm” (playing for several weeks in the highest positions of the list of successes) and concerts, highlighting the one made in the room rosê in The capital (Madrid).

From the hand of “Latin Servimusic” Dominican promoter, in 2018 it begins to be known in the Dominican Republic presenting its first single don’t stop (not even) in different media; "TV channel TV", "Radio KQ", "247fm".

In 2019 and by the hand of his manager John Rivera (also known by the name Gungie, “elconde” presents his star song and launches his success “I am yours”, available on the most important digital platforms since May 17, 2019.